The album cover for sounds at the end of time which shows grainy spectral image of heat on the right edge of the image that dissipates an isometric view of brutalist buildings arranged in a maze-like way, coloured with a purplish hue The album art for Junk Theories for Broken Minds represented as glitchy selection of colours symbolizing the insanity of misinformation The album cover for synthetic limb itching in f sharp major which shows trash bins filled with disgarded white prosthetic arms overlayed by the album title A wrinkled white grocery plastic bag with red repeating text "trash meditation", "Sentient Spaces", and additional information in red. A dark globe on a dark background with pink, green, and blue noisy light coming from the top right and bottom left with an RGB glitchy streak A glitchy, scan lined image of a crumbling concrete pillar with a more structured steel and concrete structure overhead A photo in a mark museum, through a doorway lit by a window inside. A mirror rests on the ground, angled so the viewer can see the art on the ceiling A photo of streaking sunshine cast across a concrete wall with rough concrete features An image of a tree, superimposed over light leaks from a camera, inside a cream-coloured frame to mimic a polaroid picture A murky image of rock with reddish light illuminating parts of the formation in the background A macro image with very shallow depth of field of a fly caught in a spider web A blurry image of the atmosphere over earth A photograph of a computer monitor with visible pixels and an abstract dots and lines image An overhead photo of a raging sea, with white waves on the right, and green sea on the left Album cover for Demos. Image of white speckles on a dark background